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"Transcendental Meditation has has given me more energy and helped me to enjoy my life".

Sheila McKay

Inner South-East Melbourne TM Centre
64 Irving Rd
Toorak Vic 3124

Phone: 03 9822-8656

2-6 Dundee Street
Reservoir Vic 3073

Phone: 03 9462-3661
Why the Transcendental Meditation programme?

Because its Transcendental Mediation is a simple and enjoyable technique that's easy to practice and that actually works. (see meditation research below)

The Transcendental Meditation programme is unlike like other meditations in that it does not require effort. If we compare meditation techniques, Research has shown other relaxation and meditation techniques to either not be effective or only as effective as a simple placebo. (See compare meditation research.)

Research on Transcendental Meditation?

Stress Reduction
Reducing stress is probably what the Transcendental Meditation programme is best known for.

Even the earliest studies on TM showed a unique hypometabolic state of restful alertness indicated by a highly alert waking state as measured by increased EEG coherance found simultaneously with a lowered metabolic rate, reduced skin resistance and slowed breathing.

More recent studies have shown the Transcendental Meditation programmes ability to help people cope with stress outside of meditation.

Two of the most note worthy of these studies include research done on college students and research performed at a high security government agency.

- More information on college student stress study

- More information on government agency meditation stress reduction study

Heart Disease
Transcendental Meditation has not only proven to be effective at reducing high blood pressure, but has also been shown to actually reduce heart disease related mortality rates.

During a 17 year long study on meditation and heart disease, researches measured 30% reduction in heart disease related mortalities.

Side effects
No negative side effects have been found from this Transcendental Meditation technique, however significant side benefits were found: Mortalities realted to other diseases including cancer were also reduced by 25%.

- More information on meditation high blood pressure studies.

- More information on meditation heart disease studies

The Transcendental Meditation programme has been successful at rehabilitating and eliminating stress from highly stressed people including those convicted of crimes and in prisons.

The measurable result of mediation as a tool for crime prevention is seen in reduced recidivism rates. Simply put this means criminals are less likely to perform new crimes after learning to practice Transcendental Meditation.

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